Commercial Pilot Training

Earn Money After You Pass Commercial Pilot Training

A commercial pilot certificate allows you to earn money while doing what you love – flying! This is the first stage of certification that allows you to work for a commercial aviation company. If you are ready to make a career out of flying, then SkyWalker Flying of Michigan can help you achieve your commercial flying certificate.

The commercial pilot certificate will let you be the pilot in command of a single pilot aircraft, or fly as a co-pilot of a multi-pilot aircraft, and get paid for your work. There are a variety of flying options available once you have your commercial pilot certification, so know your goals to achieve maximum benefit of your training.

Regional airports and corporate aviation travel are two areas to earn a living as a commercial pilot. With a commercial pilot license, you can also consider the career of a flight instructor.

SkyWalker Flying of Adrian Michigan has qualified instructors to help you through the commercial pilot training and prepare for your examinations. Becoming a commercial pilot requires longer flight time with increasing levels of skill and experience.

You will need a second-class medical certificate from an FAA-designated Airman Medical Examiner (AME). After earning the required flight hours and completing a written ground test, the pilot's skills are further tested in flight during a check-ride.