Get Your Tailwheel Endorsement with SkyWalker Flying

If you want to start adding advanced training to your pilot certificate, earning a tailwheel endorsement will expand your experience of different takeoff and landing techniques.

A tailwheel endorsement is great for building new skills, no matter what you fly. Not only is it unparalleled fun and excitement, but it will make you a better pilot and improve safety, too! Flying a taildragger requires a different level of skills, but mastering these skills can prepare you to operate a variety of aircraft.

SkyWalker Flying of Adrian Michigan offers many flight training programs, and additional endorsements are available, including the special tailwheel, or taildragger, endorsement. Your tailwheel training will involve management techniques that will make all of your flying easier, safer and more enjoyable.

Tailwheel airplanes handle differently, and knowing how to use the rudder correctly makes a difference. Takeoffs and landings are special accomplishments in a taildragger, but the instructors with SkyWalker can help you achieve it with ease. Call us today to get started on your tailwheel endorsement training now!

Get your multi-engine rating!

Once you have your Single Engine Pilot Certfication we offer the ability to add your Multi-engine rating in our Piper Apache. We have three multi-engine instructors who are focused on quality training, efficiency, and most importantly, safety. Multi-engine flying is both demanding and enjoyable, so get yourself ready to hit the books, fly a lot faster, and bulk up your legs (you'll see what we mean).

Multi-Engine Instruction rates are higher than our single engine rates, at $55 an hour for flight and $45 for ground. This is done to keep the cost of the aircraft down. Due to higher cost of the multi-engine instruction, you will find our MEI's very flexible and generous with their time.