Light Sport Flying Instruction

Achieve Your Dream with Light Sport Aircraft Lessons

If you are ready to have a life-changing experience and learn to fly, then light sport aircraft lessons may be the best way to begin! Have you always dreamed of flying, soaring like a bird, and challenging yourself to new levels?

Learning to fly a light sport aircraft and earning a sport pilot license is now easier, more affordable, safer, and more fun than ever! Instructors at SkyWalker Flying are dedicated to making your dream a reality, using the Allegro Light Sport Aircraft.


Light Sport Aircraft Training

Your light sport aircraft lessons begin with both ground training and flight training. We teach you step-by-step, helping you experience the freedom of operating an LSA aircraft.

This is sometimes referred to as a sport pilot certificate, and one of the most popular aircraft for these lessons is the Allegro LSA two-seat plane. Many believe that this is one of the easiest to fly when learning to operate a light sport aircraft.

A sport pilot license can be achieved in 20 hours, although additional time can typically total up to 40 hours. This light sport training allows pilots to fly vintage and production light sport aircraft, and lets you carry one passenger during the day. While it does not require a separate medical examination, your driver’s license will show what medical restrictions apply.

If you are ready to pilot an LSA aircraft, visit SkyWalker Flying at the Lenawee County Airport to get started with your light sport aircraft lessons today!