Aircraft Repair and Maintenance

Aircraft Repair and Maintenance by Certified Mechanics

Trust that the aircraft you fly is maintained by highly qualified and certified mechanics. We have FAA Certified Mechanics with Inspection Authorization for all aircraft, and Rotax Factory Certification for Light Sport. John performs maintenance on all our planes, and is also available to service your plane when you need it. Contact us to make an appointment!

Our main repair services include:

  • Full aircraft repair (major, minor, and engine work)
  • Airframe maintenance
  • Engine maintenance
  • Accessory repair & overhaul
  • Light paint work
  • Parts support

  • Our shop rate is: $65 \ hr

    John Larsen, IA, A&P, and Commercial Pilot, has been in the aviation business since birth. The Larsen Family has been a fixture in the Michigan’s aviation community for generations and part of the growth and institution of Luscombe.

    Professional Aircraft Inspections

    In addition to our general aviation maintenance and light sport aircraft maintenance, we also perform annual inspections according to current FAA guidelines. We keep abreast on all the current bulletins that outline changes, and make sure to check each airplane according to the most recent regulations.