Private Pilot License

Flying Freedom with a Private Pilot License

With a private pilot license, you will be able to fly anywhere in the United States, with any amount of passengers! Think of it as your driver’s license for the sky, and with it you can take your family on a trip to see relatives in a distant state or save travel money by flying yourself to a business trip in another city.

If you have your own small plane, you can fly anytime, day or night. Renting a plane shortens up regular travel time from one location to another, often at a significant cost savings.

A private pilot license doesn’t allow you to be hired to fly, but you can share the operating expenses of flying with your passengers. You cannot be compensated for flying until you reach the Commercial Certification.

Requirements for a Private Pilot License

The FAA requires the following in order to obtain a private pilot license, also known as a private pilot certification:

You will need a third class medical certificate from an FAA-designated Airman Medical Examiner (AME). This certifies that you meet the medical standards for safely operating an aircraft. It also acts as your student learner’s permit while you work towards your private pilot certification.

You need to read, speak, and understand English. You need to be 16 years old in order to fly solo with a student pilot certificate, but cannot get the private pilot certificate until you are 17 years old.

The private pilot license requires more advanced training than the light sport pilot, although the sport pilot flying time can be credited towards more advanced pilot ratings. To become a private pilot requires a minimum of 40 hours of flight time, although most normally take an addition 30 hours to become proficient before the final check ride, as well as extra time for study on the ground in preparation for an FAA written test.

Get your Private Pilot License with SkyWalker Flying

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Get ready to spread your wings and get your private pilot certificate! SkyWalker Flying is ready to help you earn your private pilot license so that you can enjoy the airwaves above!