Aircraft Repair and Maintenance by Certified Mechanics

Trust that the aircraft you fly is maintained by highly qualified and certified mechanics. We have FAA Certified Mechanics with Inspection Authorization for all aircraft, and Rotax Factory Certification for Light Sport. Dan Walker, our Rotax Factory Certified mechanic, and Al Holcomb, our IA Certified mechanic both follow a professional maintenance program to ensure each aircraft has optimal performance.

Our certified airplane mechanics perform maintenance on all our planes, and are also available to service your plane when you need it. Contact us to make an appointment!

Professional Aircraft Inspections

In addition to our general aviation maintenance and light sport aircraft maintenance, we also perform annual inspections according to current FAA guidelines. We keep abreast on all the current bulletins that outline changes, and make sure to check each airplane according to the most recent regulations.

Allegro Airplane Sales

The Allegro two-seat Light Sport Aircraft is highly favored by flight schools, and is an affordable personal airplane. The American-made Allegro LSA boasts a 698 lb useful load, a cruise speed of 120 mph and uses only 3 1/2 gallons of car gas an hour!

This classical high-wing aircraft has two side-by-side seats, spacious cockpit and panoramic views through its large lexan doors and overhead window. The T-tail, fixed tricycle gear and steerable nose wheel ensure positive control both in the air and on the ground.

SkyWalker Flying is a certified Allegro Light Sport dealership. Owning your own plane is something you can achieve!

Private Plane Rental

SkyWalker Flying offers a variety of small aircraft for rent at affordable prices. Our rental rates also include insurance, making our airplane rental services a worthwhile expense when trying to reduce travel time and costs via regular transportation.