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"Flying with Skywalker has been a great experience for me. I found Skywalker just after I had finished my primary training at another flight school. I was looking for resources to get my tailwheel endorsement when I found Dan Walker, the primary instructor at Skywalker. Dan's instruction was very to-the-point and based on logical principles, but it also was very fun and full of little gems of knowledge that only good training and experience brings. Flying the Taylorcraft with its minimalistic design gave me that old-time pilot+plane feel, and Dan's support in this learning process has been the highlight of my training so far. I highly recommend Skywalker to everyone who wants to learn to fly."

Scott Stephenson | Ann Arbor, MI

"Today, after nearly a year of dedicated hard work and two flights schools, I earned my pilots license.  I am grateful to be privileged enough to have had the opportunity to accomplish this feat in the company of the wonderful people at Sky Walker Flying.  Sky Walkers straight forward, end-goal oriented, approach focuses on building the essential skills to be an informed and safe pilot, while making every hour spent in the plane productive.  The team at Sky Walker are wholly committed to their students from discovery flight through check ride.The pilot community is small and my time at Sky Walker has taught me that it can also be warm and welcoming.  Jo, Matt, and Kerry are sincere people who I now consider life-long friends.  Hugs, a lot of exclamation points, and most importantly…THANK YOU, to each one of you!!!!!!“When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”

Jason Burton | Brownstown, MI

"SKYWALKER FLYING!  What an asset for Lenawee County and those individuals who are serious about learning to fly.  Our son started out at another company and soon became disillusioned at their program and teaching techniques.  We saw an ad for SKYWALKER FLYING and thought we'd give it a try.  To say the least, Johanna Walker, her husband and the entire team, run a program that excels in every area; teaching techniques, skill hierarchy, confidence building, professionalism, and, the one factor most parents want; individuals who treat their sons and daughters  as if they were their own.  Our son earned his pilot license from SKYWALKER FLYING, only after all concerned parties knew he was a capable and responsible pilot.  None of us would have it any other way! Thank you Tim, Johanna and gang."

Dennis & Julie Miller | Adrian, MI

"Skywalker Flying has the best instructors! Tim has been great and won't waste your time. He gets to the point and helps his students learn flying properly and efficiently. With the new Allegro light sport plane that Skywalker Flying has, earning my Sport Pilot license is a blast!"

Matt Harper | Tecumseh, MI