Flight Training

Learn How to Fly with Personalized Pilot Training

Students are unique when it comes to pilot training, so SkyWalker Flying has developed an individualized approach to help their students learn how to fly. Each student-pilot has a dream of flying that is special for him, with different skills and goals when it comes to becoming a pilot.

A high standard of performance is critical for successful flight, whether you are an experienced pilot or someone recently going through pilot training. The instructors at SkyWalker Flying have a goal to make your training experience a pleasant one, that focuses on safety, education and enjoying the love of flying.

Learn How to Become a Pilot When You Experience How to Fly in an LSA Aircraft

Learning how to fly is easier with a light sport aircraft, where you can become a sport pilot in as little as 20 hours. If you are interested in a private pilot certificate, SkyWalker Flying can help you achieve that goal also!

We also offer instrument pilot, commercial pilot and tailwheel endorsement training and certification if you want to learn how to fly with those credentials.

SkyWalker Flying is ready to help make your dream a reality, so come learn how to fly with us!


Get your multi-engine rating!

Once you have your Single Engine Pilot Certfication we offer the ability to add your Multi-engine rating in our Piiper Aztec.   We have three multi-engine instructors who are focused on quality training, efficiency, and most importantly, safety.  Multi-engine flying is both demanding and enjoyable, so get yourself ready to hit the books, fly a lot faster, and bulk up your legs (you'll see what we mean).

Multi-Engine Instruction rates are higher than our single engine rates, at $55 an hour for flight and $45 for ground. This is done to keep the cost of the aircraft down. Due to higher cost of the multi-engine instruction, you will find our MEI's very flexible and generous with their time.